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Protecting Baby Through Their First Cold Season

Protecting Baby Through Their First Cold Season

According to doctors, babies will get sick anywhere from 7 to 8 times in their first year. It’s good to know that it’s completely normal for your little one to get sick, but here’s what you can do to help prevent them as much as possible.

How to Soothe Your Child’s Sore Throat at Home

When your little one complains of a sore, scratchy throat, it’s hard not to worry that it’ll turn into something…

Sick Day Activities for Kids

The days may seem long when you’re caring for a sick child, but there are many ways to play and connect as they are on the road to a, hopefully, quick recovery.

5 Ways to Master the Diaper Change

Changing baby’s bum a billion times a day (or so it feels sometimes) may not be your favourite way to spend time with your wee one. But we’ve got some diaper changing techniques, tips, and tricks up our sleeves that will help keep your little one’s bum covered.

potty training tips

Potty Training Tips from a Parent Who Has Been There

My first child was ridiculously difficult to potty train. My second was one of those magical unicorn toddlers who potty-trained herself in a couple of days. My third is proving to be a tough nugget. Which is why I’m all about anything and everything that can make the process of potty training a teensy bit easier.

Iogo Yogurt Recall: Six provinces affected

Seven different types of Iogo yogurt products are being recalled by Quebec-based company Ultima Foods due to a concern that they may contain pieces of plastic.

Does SIDS Exist? Canadian Coroners Aren’t So Sure

Does SIDS exists as a quantifiable disease? Or is it just an acronym that means cause of death unknown? One thing is certain: there’s more than semantics at stake.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the HPV Vaccine

Starting this school year, three more provinces will expand their school-based HPV immunization program to include both male and female students (as…

Which Diseases do Vaccines Protect Against?

Did you know? The Canadian publicly funded health care system offers protection against 13 vaccine-preventable diseases, Tuberculosis (TB) protection in…