Sick Day Activities for Kids

After being a parent for over 11 years, I know what it’s like to have kids at home feeling under the weather. From stuffy noses to sore throats, to random rashes and fevers, we’ve been through a lot of the usual childhood ailments, just as I know many of you have.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that my daughter had a terrible virus that seemed to linger, cause a fever, and leave her with aches and pains. But we made it through thanks to time, plenty of sleep, and of course, thanks to a lot of extra cuddles.

Some illnesses last longer than others and whether or not the kids are home from school one day or weekend plans end up being rearranged because of a sick family member, you may be looking for something to do to keep the kids busy and their minds off of how they are feeling. Other than during Puke-ageddon (when they have no interest in doing anything including watching television or playing video games) the kids are usually up for a little activity to pass the time, and being home together on a sick day offers the opportunity to do something special together.

Here are some activities for kids during sick days.

Become Puzzle Masters

Dust off a puzzle box from the shelf you haven’t completed before, or work on repeating a family favourite. Your child will love the concentrated puzzle time together, plus, if they are getting tired and need a rest you can easily pause your work on the puzzle and return to it as the day goes on.

Play Bed Basketball

Depending on how your little one is feeling, the bed may become the headquarters for the day. Getting up and moving around for most kids is important even when under the weather, but I know it’s not always easy for them. Instead, help them have a little fun and forget a bit about how they are feeling by sitting up in bed and playing basketball, with a twist. Use pairs of rolled up socks and your laundry basket positioned around the room to see how many times each of you can score.

Set up a Stuffy Tea Party

Invite some of your child’s stuffy friends to join a tea party. A pretend tea party is easy to set up using a blanket on the floor and existing play dishes or even your own from the cupboards. Use water for the pretend tea and enjoy a few moments filled with imagination and what are usually some interesting conversations.

Make a sort-of spa appointment

Relaxation is important when your child is on the road to recovery so now is a great time to schedule your child for a ‘spa appointment’ at your special spa in your own home. Encourage them to lie down while you pamper their skin with gentle lotions or rub their feet to help soothe and calm them. Play some gentle music in the background for a more authentic atmosphere.

Netflix and Cuddle

Fortunately, Children’s Advil can provide up to 8 hours of fever relief, giving your child the opportunity to feel more like themselves and take the time to play a few games. Even still, they may not have the energy or desire to be very active which is why I think a sick day is the perfect time to catch up on the show you have been wanting to watch together or a movie you haven’t seen yet. Don’t feel guilty about the extra TV when someone isn’t feeling well. It can be a great distraction and the kids will appreciate the extra cuddles.

The days may seem long when you are caring for a sick child, but there are many ways to play and connect as they are on the road to a, hopefully, quick recovery.


This post was written in partnership with Children’s Advil, but the opinions are our own.



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