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Iogo Yogurt Recall: Six provinces affected


Parents, take note. Seven different types of Iogo yogurt products are being recalled by Quebec-based company Ultima Foods due to a concern that they may contain pieces of plastic.

The voluntary recall affects items sold in Ontario, B.C., Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. According to cbc.ca, “the products include six 93-millilitre Iogo Nano packs of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla and banana drinkable yogurt. They also include one-litre Iogo smoothie protein packs with mango, strawberry-raspberry and strawberry flavours.”

No injuries have been reported to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as of yet – and they’re currently investigating. Sounds like the stories are just starting to come in and there could possibly be more recalls.

For more info, check out the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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