5 Ways to Master the Diaper Change

Diaper Change Tips

Changing baby’s bum a billion times a day (or so it feels sometimes) may not be your favourite way to spend time with your wee one. We get it. But whether you’re on your first or hundredth change, we’ve got some diaper changing techniques, tips, and tricks up our sleeves that will help keep your little one’s bum covered – and help you master the art of diaper changing – so that everyone can enjoy the experience more.

1. Make it a time to bond and relax
A diaper change is a bonding experience between you and your baby. You get up together, eat together, and play together. So, why not make the most of the situation? Find a location where your baby feels the most comfortable, but is still a spot that’s convenient for you. Create a designated spot that’s got everything you’ll need on hand. That way, you can make changes without having to run from room to room to gather diapers and wipes.

Slow down and enjoy time with your babe. We love to add to the experience with organic creams or lotions. (We’re big fans of Matter Company). Your little deserves the full pampering treatment, just like you do from time to time. Plus, it can be fun to dress up your baby, right? So why not put on a diaper with a super cute pattern? These ones from Parasol are actually hand-painted! Love.



2. Give your undivided attention
While you might want to rush, it’s nice to give your little love time to respond and interact with you. This is a perfect time for connections and lots of tummy kisses and tickles. If they’re antsy? Try giving them a special game or toy to hold.

3. Check the fit
Make sure you watch out for tight, uncomfortable diapers. And what’s the deal with itchy, loose diapers? If your baby’s diaper keeps leaking, if there are red marks on their skin, or if you find gaps when the diaper is on, your baby’s diaper may not be the right fit. If your baby is getting close to the top of the weight range, it may be time to consider moving up a size.

4. Have fun with it
Parenting is a rewarding journey, but it sure can be tough. When you’re a parent, sometimes it’s just easier to be silly and let loose. Seriously, don’t be afraid to sing, dance, and play. Diaper changes don’t have to be a chore. But wriggling around is inevitable. It’s going to happen. Your baby is a bundle of never-ending energy, so why not just roll with it?

5. Revel in your success
Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back! It may seem like a small task (and one that your child won’t even remember), but every diaper change is a part of your parenting life. And even though blowouts are pretty gross and diaper changes seem not very glamorous, every stage and phase of parenting contributes to your life together with this little human you’re raising. The more you love what you do, the better you’ll get and the happier you’ll be, making diaper change after diaper change way easier than the last.

And that’s it – diaper changing techniques that save time and stop tears. No matter the time of day, you’ll be ready with our easy-peasy diaper changing tips.


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