My Dreaded Adoption Home Study Was A Blessing In Disguise

adoptive homestudy

To become approved to adopt there is a lengthy (and at times discouraging) process that needs to be completed—but this didn’t deter us as it does some people. We saw it as a worthwhile endeavour since it would ultimately lead us to the most rewarding thing we would ever do in our lives. After completing our own research and deciding on which type of adoption we wished to pursue (which I discussed in the previous article), we met with CAS and were assigned our initial adoption worker.

The bulk of the work (and time) came from the home study, which involved a series of interviews completed in our home by our adoption worker. After cleaning vigorously the night before and carefully selecting our outfits, we would wake up early, put the coffee on and wait for him to arrive. Then we would be asked questions that would delve into the deepest, darkest corners of our relationship, family,  finances and health.