Fast & Tender Ribs in the Instant Pot (That Taste BBQ’d!)

Fast and Tender Istant Pot Ribs recipe

I love spending a whole afternoon prepping, smoking and finishing back ribs on a grill. Sitting out in the yard, tinkering with the heat level, tossing in some hickory wood chips and trying to get things just right is a pastime I look forward to every summer. I may even enjoy a beer while grilling.

But the number of days I have where I can dedicate 5+ hours to cooking a meal are few and far between. And now that it’s November and gets dark around 5:30, and it’s been raining for what feels like 2 months, the grilling conditions are not ideal.

So, for all the people who want to enjoy BBQ style pork back ribs in a reasonable timeframe – after work on a weeknight – and all indoors, I present this recipe for BBQ-style Rib in the Instant Pot.