Get Dinner on the Table With Way Less Hassle: 25+ Free Meal Plan Printables

Weekly Menu Planners free printable

I’m not going to give you an exhaustive list of why you should plan your meals – you already know, amiright?! We ALL know.  Just like we know why we should floss and do our Kegels daily…

What we actually need is to:

Just. Get. Started.

I KNOW that’s true for me. My meal planning goes in spits and spurts. I’m so well versed in the benefits – heck – I teach this stuff as a Registered Dietitian!  I’ll be on top of it for weeks and months – and then my resolve peters out.  I suffer for it – and my family suffers too!  We don’t eat nearly as well and I am definitely more stressed out. Having a plan calms me – NOT having a plan electrifies my anxiety.

I just need to commit to gettin’ er done. You’re probably the same – that’s why you’re reading this!  Let’s get on top of this right now – together.

So here’s my quick start guide (and kick in the butt) for our meal planning – PLUS more than 25 free menu planners: