How to Save Money on Clothes When You’re Too Busy and Stylish for Thrift Stores


You already know you can save tonnes of cash by buying second-hand clothes.  But did you know you can wear second-hand AND have great style AND save time AND be sure of the quality, too?

Many of us have preconceived notions about second-hand clothes:

  • Does the memory of that thrift shop smell turn you off before you even set foot in the store?
  • Have you ever bought something second hand, only to find a wonky zipper or torn seam?
  • Or, does weeding through long, stuffed racks of f’ugly clothing to find something you actually like, seem like a huge waste of time?

There is a way to enjoy the savings of second-hand clothes, without these major drawbacks.  This is how I do it – and I save hundreds of dollars every year – which we spend instead on family fun, like travel!