Super Bowl 2017 ‘Fish Bowl’ Party Game: Family Friendly & Fun (Even for Non-Football Fans)

super bowl party game 2017 fish bowl

Not everyone loves, likes or even tolerates football. For them Super Bowl Sunday is a tedious affair with little excitement other than eating greasy food, looking for a cool commercial or hoping the game will end in time for a good night’s sleep. (i.e. my wife and our kids)

For people like them, I’ve made this game – and it works!  The consensus is it’s genuinely fun (even if you find football a bit ~meh~).  And football fans will enjoy it, too.

It’s a pretty tall order, but this party game combines the best elements of football (big plays, scoring – team or individual) with other quirky stuff (things announcers say, who wins the coin toss) so that virtually the whole Super Bowl gives you something to cheer for (or gamble on – if that’s your thing).