I Totally Judged Another Mom With No Regrets

Two young female friends are spending time at home. Young woman is comforting her friend after bad break up.

I always look for the positive in people and try hard to see things from their angle. Having been judged many times myself over the years, I try hard not to judge others. I was a young single teen mom who was on the receiving end of comments, advice and stares. I was a young mom of three with my hands full getting eye rolls from strangers when one would have a tantrum. I am a mom of four, doing the best I can and still learning every day. So I know what it is like to be judged. I avoid doing it. I often give moms an “it will get better” comment when I see them struggling. Or offer a hand or even a smile when they have their hands full. I try to do what I wish people did for me, when I was in that spot.

You never know what someone is going through.

Then yesterday I judged another mom. At first I hesitated but if something bad happened, I would never forgive myself.

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