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Get out of the city and into the sun at a hidden gem called Sunshine Adventure Park, located a few minutes outside of Okotoks at Kayben Farms, a family-friendly u-pick farm. This unique playground and picnic area offers enough to-dos to fill a summer day.

You won’t see the giant red, yellow and blue trampoline/jumpy pit upon entry, but you’ll get to know it well. It’s big enough for fifteen people to jump on (including adults) without edges, walls or metal parts to worry about. But keep your head up. Kids of all ages love launching the lightweight plastic balls overhead in what can only be described as a plastic tubing artillery unit. Little kids tend to get conscripted to gather the balls and deliver them via little green wagons to the big guys tall enough to reach the launch unit.

But that’s not all Sunshine Adventure Park has to offer. A giant, two-storey play centre gives kids the opportunity to scale a wall (or take the stairs) and shoot down a wavy four-lane slide on corn sacks. Kids can also try their hand at full-sized pedal karts around a wear-them-out track. Another fave is the rubber duck water race, accessible to any kid capable of using a hand pump.

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