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Fancy that—it’s not just your imagination. Kids really do love to dress up in costumes.
And since imaginary play is so good for their development, we’re always looking for ways to help them find their inner magician, prince, dragon, elf or whatever their fancy.

With the biggest dress-up season just around the corner and a long winter of indoor play looming, we’re planning on stocking up our dress-up trunk with some of the inspiring (and high quality) costumes from Fancy Pants Kids. Made in Canada, Fancy Pants Kids’ costumes are kid-tested, machine-washable, and much more durable than the costumes you buy in the drugstore every October (the flammable variety that get thrown out come November).

Fancy Pants Kids is the creation of the very creative Gretel Meyer Odell, who combined her 15 year career in theatre, her children’s love of imaginative play and memories of her own childhood dress-up trunk into a business.

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