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If you’re a SavvyMom in Calgary or Vancouver you’re probably already familiar with the great work Momcafé does in connecting like-minded moms and bringing them together at their high-quality breakfast events. Complete with interesting speakers, networking opportunities and childcare, not to mention all the lattes you can drink, they are definitely worth the time! Fortunately for us, Momcafé recently established a Toronto chapter and I was flattered to be asked to speak at their inaugural event last Friday. We’ve partnered with them in Calgary and Vancouver for some time and I have always heard how great the events were, but I had never attended an event myself so it was very exciting to be part of this.
I joined Caroline Connell, Editor in Chief of Today’s Parent, and together we shared our professional stories as part of the “Moms in the Know” event. The event was a great success—well attended and well organized—and my congrats to the Momcafé team for pulling off another event without a hitch!

Momcafé Event
Momcafé Event



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