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Experience the Canadian Wilderness at Parc Omega


For year-round adventure in the Canadian wilderness, you’ll want to take your family to Parc Omega.

We love that this huge outdoor space has been created and designed to educate the public about Canada’s vast wildlife and helps Canadians empathize with the animals and our environment, encouraging kids and adults to help take care of the natural habitats that surround us.

Located within an hour of Ottawa in Montebello, Parc Omega is a year-round outdoor experience that we know the entire family will love. The first thing to do is plan to drive through each of the terrains, representing a different part of Canada, while feeding carrots to elk, deer and boars waiting for their treats. It’s impossible not to squeal in delight as a big, drool-covered mouth grabs a carrot from you!

This is definitely one way to get up close and personal with nature. As you drive through the mountain range, the lakes, the forests and the meadows, you’ll discover a new animal around each corner. Keep an eye out for the babies!

There are many walking paths throughout Parc Omega. In the winter you can snowshoe your way around and, in other seasons, walking along trails like the First Nations trail is well worth the journey. You’ll likely find a friend looking for a carrot along the path too.

When planning your trip, you’ll want to consider food options. Parc Omega is best experienced when not rushed and you have plenty of time to explore everywhere. Pack a picnic to enjoy outside, or grab a bite at the cafe.

After a picnic, you can head to visit the farm area of Parc Omega, or the wolf boardwalk to learn about wolves and watch them be fed. This is an experience you won’t want to miss—you’ll learn about wolf packs, their cubs and their feeding habits. Plus, there are live shows about various animals, like birds of prey, throughout the day. We can’t believe how much there is to explore.

If your family is feeling adventurous, you can look book accommodations and spend the night camping in one of their cabins or tents. Plus, you’ll have access to a private boardwalk where you can see the wolves and black bears.

We love the adventures that families can go on here while learning about the Canadian wilderness, terrain and animals that live within it. Each portion of every path has something new to see. It’s hard to imagine so many animals that are usually spread across the country, all in one spot. This gives parents and kids in the Ottawa area the opportunity to appreciate and experience Canada in a fresh new way.

We have no doubt that your kids will be as excited about Parc Omega as we are, and that they’ll be anxious to learn more about the animals they meet and see.

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