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Get Creative at DIY Craft Studio Pinnovate


Are you envious of the artsy projects other parents seem to whip up with relative ease? Do you fantasize about having the time to create all those cool crafts you spot on Pinterest?

At Pinnovate, Calgary’s first DIY craft studio, the green-eyed monster can be put to rest.

With an ethos to make it, take it and share it, this is the place for kids and adults to get creative. Families are welcome to drop in to the 1,500-square-foot studio to make their own projects. No need to worry about coming up with a fabulous idea. Drool-inducing artwork and craft samples line the walls. All you need to do is pick is a project, then get set up with supplies by helpful staff.

No more trekking to the craft supply store

Pinnovate is better stocked than a kindergarten classroom. (Prepare to Instagram like crazy over the Wall of Embellishments!) Pinnovate gives you the ideas and supplies, you put your personal stamp on it. But that’s not the best part. Just imagine: No mess to clean up! Simply enjoy your time crafting, then step away from the fray.

Projects range from string art to lollipop bouquets to melted crayon canvases. For modernists, there’s a splatter room, where you can go to town on a blank canvas with syringes and brushes à la Jackson Pollock to achieve the desired drippy effect.

Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for date nights, which include food and beverage. In the summer on Mondays, drop your child off for Funday day camp. Or check out the programs and camps they have to offer your little ones. You can also reserve the space for private events such as birthday parties or girl’s night out.

Crafting with a side of gelato

Should your crafting take longer than expected, the studio offers quinoa crusted pizza, local gelato and cupcakes, to ensure nobody gets hangry. It also serves up beer and wine, which we suspect could help get those creative juices flowing. Yep, Pinnovate’s got crafting down to a fine art.

Tip: The address showing on Google Maps is wrong. (Pinnovate’s been trying to get it changed.) The studio is located at 137 Mahogany Plaza SE, behind Sobeys.

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