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Our Cup of Tea: Yoga and Tea Studio in Carp


Diaper changes, playdates, snacks, laundry—sometimes parenthood feels like one big rat race. Take some time to recharge from the daily grind, either alone or with baby, during a rejuvenating trip to the peaceful Yoga and Tea studio in Carp.

We absolutely love the setting; the studio is nestled on a quiet country street in a small standalone cottage. With trees all around, an outdoor garden for quiet socializing over tea and a warm fireplace inside, it’s almost impossible not to take a deep breath and relax into a new, quieter pace.

There are plenty of different yoga classes for all levels and interests, but our favourite is the Baby and Me class. Taught by owner and mompreneur Nina—whose tranquil voice and serene manner immediately draw you in—the class involves babies from six weeks through 10 months in yoga postures, massage, and cheery songs and dances. We love the bonding time with baby, but also the invitation to meet other new moms and socialize after. If your kids are a little older, think about slipping away for a little Mom time with a peaceful Restore and Renew class.

Baby on the way? Pregnant moms will love the safe, soothing Prenatal Yoga classes, which introduce special breathing and meditation techniques to help make your pregnancy and delivery as calm as possible, and to prepare you mentally and physically for your new role as a mother.

No visit would be complete without a warm cup of the studio’s signature Chai Yogi Tea. Sip it on site or take it home from the shop to enjoy whenever you need to treat yourself.

Looking for more ways to improve your health and fitness? We’ve got 11 more Yoga and Fitness Studios in Ottawa for you.



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