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For those who love the idea of picking their own produce, don’t think that August has less to offer than June or July (especially with all the rain we’ve had). A little Savvy delving has turned up several farms around rural Ottawa where you can get down in the dirt and harvest your own fruits or vegetables right through August.
All of these farms recommend calling before you come, because crops and picking conditions depend greatly on a number of unpredictable variables (like the aforementioned weather).

With that caveat, here are some pick-your-own destinations for the dog days of summer:

Hugli’s Blueberry Ranch in Pembroke has 15 acres of blueberries with 17 different varieties that ripen at various times of the season, which runs throughout the month of August. There is a designated blueberry picking area for people with handicaps or in wheelchairs. Check out the country gift shop, or relax after a tough day in the fields with a scoop of blueberry frozen yogourt from the ice cream parlour.

The blueberry season is, of course, the same at Canaan Blueberries east of Ottawa in Sarsfield, between Cumberland and Rockland. This farm grows four varieties: Blueray, Patriot, Bluecrop and Northland. There are also 15 bee hives, and fresh honey is usually available at the start of the blueberry picking season. Both blueberries and honey are sold by weight at market prices.

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