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Ottawa’s Log Farm: Perfect for Family Fall Fun


If your family is looking to escape the city from time to time, you won’t have to look further than the historical site known as The Log Farm. Located in Nepean, The Log Farm has buildings and an atmosphere that encourages visitors to envision themselves stepping back in time to when families would have lived there in the 1870s.

The Log Farm is a family-friendly space that includes a Farmers’ Market at certain times of the year, affordable weekend activities ($5 is a typical admission price) and days dedicated to toddler fun. These days (available in the spring and into the fall) are specifically designed for little ones to be able to enjoy the hands-on activities of the Farm in a safe, exciting way that’s just for them.

Wagon rides in the fall are the perfect way to see the changing leaves and breathe in some fresh air. Or you can walk through the mazes and visit the animals. In the winter months, holiday activities that include getting a Christmas tree and the opening of the Sugar Bush will bring smiles to everyone’s rosy cheeks.

At the Farmers’ Market (running from May until the end of October), you’ll be able to grab tasty bites to fill your fridge and pantry like honey, eggs, baked goods and a variety of produce.

We love having the opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle of the urban and suburban life many of us lead in Ottawa and to explore a historical farm without having to drive very far to get there. We know the kids will love experiencing the open space, journeying back in time with their imagination in the historical farm buildings and seeing the animals.

The Log Farm has limited hours and days open, which change seasonally, but we think it’s worth checking out and marking your calendars for their next special event, market, or toddler activity days.

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