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10 Places to Shop in Toronto for Kids


You can spend your dollars in big box stores and on big brands, but these local stores and designers prove there’s no need to stray far from home to score great gifts for your kids or those of your family and friends.
Kids love any chance to play dress up. That’s why Playjamas are such a great idea for kids who might need a little…umm…incentive…to get ready for bed. From ballerina to doctor, to ninja warrior, these organic cotton jammies will get them into bed. We can’t promise the sleeping part.

petit flaneur
Simply sweet and all-natural toys, artwork, clothing and paper products make up the treasures from this TO-based, well-designed line of adorable items.

Flipping out over finding a unique toy or other sort of treasure for your tot? Fidoodle, a Toronto design firm, has a small but fabulous line of original playthings perfect for little guys or girls.

Be hip and shop local with these Ways to Shop Toronto for Kids this holiday season.

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