28 Classic DIY Christmas Recipes, Decor Ideas, and Kids’ Crafts

Welcome to the holiday season, prime time for showing off your kids' manners (or lack thereof). Here are a few savvy suggestions on how to enforce some civility at your next family fete.

These days we’re pining for the simple life. So we’re taking you back to basics and delivering Classic DIY Christmas Recipes, Decor Ideas and Kids’ Crafts—all gathered from our amazing community of talented bloggers. Move over Goop, our bloggers have you covered!

DIY Christmas Cards 
These homemade cards (made with love by the kids) are Etsy-worthy, we say! Sayonara, boring boxed cards.
Sugar Cookies Three Ways 
Once you have your basic sugar cookie dough made, the variations are endless. This tutorial walks you through three beautiful options: chocolate thumbprint, Christmas pinwheel, or painted sugar cookies.

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