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Travelling with a baby can be daunting, especially when it comes to transporting all that gear. We’re too familiar with the agony of waiting next to the oversize baggage area just praying the car seat will show up sometime before midnight.

Whether you have friends coming to town or just want to try out some new gear before you buy, Spoiled One Luxe Baby Gear Rentals has a solution that will free up your hands and time—not to mention those extra luggage fees.

With everything from strollers and travel cots to high chairs and play mats, this rental shop has got your big items covered. The process is simple: go to the site, pick what you need, and it will be delivered and assembled as soon as you need it. With three-day, weekly and monthly rental periods, Spoiled One also offers bundle packages containing all the essential equipment to make the stress of travelling with a tot that much easier.

The gear is regularly updated and refreshed, and each item is inspected, cleaned and sanitized with non-toxic plant based cleaning solutions after each rental. It’s a flat fee for delivery and pick up within the GTA, and the shop will deliver to hotels and airports too.

Now that’s something to write home about.

Looking for more gear for baby? We’ve been all over the city to find you the Best Baby Gear Stores in Toronto.


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