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Upper Canada Village’s Special Summer Programming


Taking a step back in time can be an exciting and fun way for little ones to learn about history, and Upper Canada Village has been doing just that (and doing an exceptional job of it, too) for many years. However, for children on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing difficulties, these experiences can be overwhelming. Which is why we love that Upper Canada Village now offers Sensory Sunday Mornings in the summer with these families in mind.

For the remaining two Sundays in August (August 21 and August 28), Upper Canada Village will continue their summer morning programs that have been designed to welcome visitors on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing difficulties. The same teachable moments, special rides and animal visits will be there, but with enhanced opportunities for gentle interactions, quiet areas and a recommended itinerary for families.

Careful care and attention has been put into this program—we noted designated quiet zones all over the Village (located in the barn behind the physician’s home, the chapel and the discovery centre). In each of those quiet areas there is a box filled with colouring supplies, pillows and other quiet time activities. It’s also worth noting that various areas around the village are air conditioned.

Horse-drawn wagon rides and the boat ride are included in admission prices and are a wonderful way to explore the village. We think many kids will love the animals around the farms and the Family Activity Centre is filled with interactive activities and games for kids to try, from puzzles to dressing up to old games.

Visit the Upper Canada Village website for helpful tips—like the best places to picnic or eat while visiting the Village. When at the admission booth, request your Sensory Sunday bracelet. Wheelchairs are also available.

Have fun stepping back in time at Upper Canada Village this summer!

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