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Play Bearfoot in Your Socks


Looking for a place to escape to with your littles on a rainy and cold Vancouver day? A place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and entertain your children at the same time? It’s called the Bearfoot Playground (but don’t even think about going barefoot).

The brainchild of two Vancouver moms looking for a fun, exciting place to entertain their toddlers while catching up over coffee, the Bearfoot indoor playground is a place to let your children play, imagine, and move in a clean, safe and stimulating environment. The Toddler Ground is designed for the younger set while the Playground is an exclusive design that lets your preschooler climb, slide, and play.

We love that the cafe offers locally roasted coffees, organic treats and all the snacks you wish you had packed in your bag. It’s perfect for a quick re-fuelling for the kids before they return to their next adventure.

Monthly memberships are available if you feel the need for a few more Bearfoot moments.

Keep thinking about spring, but stay warm and dry in the Bearfoot indoor playground while you’re at it.

For more indoor play ideas, check out our 7 Places to Take Kids to Play in Vancouver.


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