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Victoria Park CrossFit’s Mama and Tykes Program


Lack of childcare derails many a new new mama’s fitness goals, so we’re always on the hunt for inspiring fitness classes at locations that are child and toddler friendly. Luckily for us, Victoria Park CrossFit has developed a Mom & Tykes Program. This tailored 8-week session is a stepping stone to joining their regular group classes and addresses pelvic floor, core stability and mobility issues caused by motherhood.

New mamas and mamas-to-be will still find a high intensity work out, yet one that addresses changing bodies and strength levels. Classes are led by Coach Jenn, who participated in CrossFit throughout her own pregnancy—so you know she knows the limits of pregnancy and postpartum bodies. Exercises are targeted towards your new body’s range of motion, so you’re able to get a solid workout comfortably, while gradually improving your cardio endurance.

The best part? They operate a daycare during this special weekly class. Child minder services are available for children up to four years of age, allowing moms a full uninterrupted hour to focus on themselves.

Classes take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11 am, but moms are welcome to jump in at any point in the program with a drop-in class. For better cost savings, check out their monthly unlimited rate.

2017 is starting off better than we expected. When we have a support network to keep us motivated and on track for reaching our goals, anything seems possible.

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