The Errand Angel


Trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, gift shop—once places you enjoyed casually perusing—become like running a gauntlet of tantrums and broken merchandise with small children in tow. That’s if you can get there at all in the tiny windows of time between work, daycare, dinner and bedtime. If you’re anything like us, you’ve often wished for a guardian angel (or celebrity-style personal assistant) to arrive at your doorstep and say, ‘How can I make your life easier?’

Errands on Me, a service that runs in Airdrie (and some Calgary areas), is designed to take those balance-tipping errands off your hands. Owner Colette McCarthy says she hates to see people struggle. Need someone to buy your groceries and bring them to you? Pick up your dry cleaning? Get medicine for your sick kids, deliver flowers to your mom, drive your car to the mechanic, or look after your mail and plants while you are away? Colette has got you covered. She’ll purchase items and deliver them to you at your convenience for a flat fee from $10 to $30, depending on the distance and errand. She’ll even buy birthday gifts for those countless parties that fill your kids’ busy social calendars—just fill out the form she provides with details on the individual, and she’ll pick out the gift and card, and bring them to you.

So if errands threaten your sanity, consider outsourcing some of the hassle. The time it buys you at home with the kids instead of at the checkout line is truly priceless.

You’re not superwoman. But you can look like you are with the rest of our 8 Mobile Services in Calgary—here to help you get it all done.


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