Where to Find Perfect-Fitting Swimsuits

Jody Robbins January 23, 2017
caba swim Jody

Isn’t it crazy how it’s only mid-May and it feels like summer here in Calgary? All the gorgeous weather we’re having means swimsuit season is coming early this year. We’re excited to lounge poolside, but swimsuit shopping has got to be one of the most dreaded experiences we ever undertake. It’s hard enough admitting our beloved go-to suit has a saggy bum, but trying to find a top and bottom the same size that both fit? Well, let’s just say we feel your pain. Fortunately, we discovered Caba Fashions, a one-woman shop where custom-made affordable swimwear becomes a reality.

Whether you’re in-between sizes, need a maternity suit or something to tide you through until those breastfeeding boobs go down, Caba Fashions whips up custom-made swimsuits (and active wear) tailored to your exact proportions.

Located in the residential north west community of Tuxedo (read: ample free parking), customers book in for one-on-one appointments with owner and designer Chelsea LaBossiere. You’ll get to browse through her racks of designer quality swimsuits to find a style that you like best. Next, you’ll try on a few sample sizes before getting measured, so your suit fits you like a glove. Finally you get to flip through dozens upon dozens of fabric choices to select a flattering hue. Because Chelsea also crafts dance, gymnastics and body building costumes, she has loads of embellishments, allowing you to bling out your swimsuit to your heart’s content.

Swimwear is whipped up in about two weeks. Prices vary depending on how much fabric is used, but it set us back $100 for a size 6 suit.

Good to Know: Feel free to bring in one of your favourite bathing suits if you’d like Chelsea to knock off a similar style.

It’s time to suit up, ladies.

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