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There’s a lot to think about (and worry about) as a new mom. Everyone keeps telling you to take care of yourself first, but how is that even possible when the baby needs you for all of your zombie (we mean waking) hours?

You might not believe it, but there is help in a package in the form of a new food product.

It’s new, but it’s old. It’s all natural and it’s organic. It is calming, provides sustained energy and clarity, aids in lactation—and it tastes good.

Now For Mothers Healing Mix is new to Canada, but mothers have been enjoying its benefits in the East for hundreds of years, where it has been administered by holistic practitioners, naturopaths and midwives.

Perhaps some explanation of how it works might help dispel that too-good-to-be-true feeling that you have right now.

Sustained natural energy: It restores glycogen in an effective manner, providing new moms with sustained energy without a crash.

Aids in lactation for breastfeeding moms and promotes healthy brain development for their newborns: Now For Mothers Healing Mix continuously replenishes the fats required for hormonal balance and provides the precursor fats required for effective brain development for babies.

Convenience: It provides new moms (and any mom on the run in fact) with a quick and convenient meal replacement if taken alone, with milk, in a smoothie or as a condiment on oatmeal and healthy cereals. It is perfect for moms who don’t have time to cook but need something to get them through the day.

They had us at calming…

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