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Vancouver Childrens Festival

Why You Should Go to The Vancouver International Children’s Festival


The Vancouver International Children’s Festival is coming up fast, and there are going to be some exciting things happening that the whole family will enjoy. The festival runs from May 28 to June 3 at Granville Island and is filled with professional artistic experiences that inspire creativity for kids (and let’s face it, it’s just plain fun!)

Here’s what they have in store for 2018:

Pyjama Nights

Let your kids get decked out in their favourite jammies and take them down to Granville Island for the ultimate bedtime story! There are special 6:30 pm showings (pyjamas are optional) and snacks are served. Take a break from your bedtime routine and let someone else set the stage for a good night’s sleep.

Dance it Out

Splash and Boots will be hosting a dance party and everyone’s invited. Get moving, get grooving, get dancing as a family. Make time for joyful movement all together and get your tickets for this special show.

Relaxed Performances

These sensory-friendly performances mean the lighting and sound levels will be adjusted for the comfort of guests who might find the regular performances overwhelming. These performances allow for more movement and noise from audience members and there are fewer attendees for a smaller group feel. They also provide a digital guide to help you prepare for the big day.

Arts Meets Science

The Knowledge Kids Science Lab lets kids experiment with music and sound as they make a craft stick harmonica. The stage becomes a laboratory when STEM meets the performing arts and make beautiful music together.

It Takes A Village

The Activity Village at the Children’s Festival features canoeing, indigenous arts, face painting, origami, games, the chance to play with instruments, puppets and circus arts. There’s so much to explore. It takes a village to entertain a child, and the Activity Village delivers.

With so much to explore, this is definitely an experience you and the little ones won’t want to miss.

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