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Cool, Family-Friendly Eco Adventures Near the Bruce Peninsula

Brave the Caves Eco Adventures

We’re ready. We’re all set for a bit more wilderness than our neighbourhood park can provide. We’re after a bit of a challenge, some amazing panoramic views and a bit of ecological education along the way.

And we’ve found all those things at EcoAdventures up by the Bruce Peninsula. The best part? Making an overnighter of the whole adventure gives you plenty of time for a mini vacation within your own province.

These adventures are perfectly timed to beat the summer blahs and get the kids excited about an activity that doesn’t involve a screen. If you want to find out which are suitable for all hikers, and which are best for kids with a bit more control of their flailing limbs (this could apply to potentially clumsy parents, as well), check out a few of our favourite options below.

Birding by the Bay

This is a gentle adventure suitable for most. You’ll see some great coastal views on the drive and then learn all about migratory birds, see the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay, and check out a shipwreck in secluded Wingfield Basin. Be sure to take some pics of the beautiful towering cliffs and the historic Cabot Head lighthouse.

Bird lovers will love the chance to see beautiful spring warblers up close and learn about how the bird migration monitoring performed at the Bird Observatory helps with conservation efforts.

When: Sunday, June 2, 8:00 am

Cost: $54


Off Track Flash Adventures

On Saturdays from June to September, it’s all about finding the coolest, most underexplored adventures based on the conditions. These outings could feature wildflowers, travelling a little-known route beneath the escarpment, paddling to the Grotto, or seeing the Georgian Bay shoreline from unique access points. This is a great way to get away from the crowds during high season, and you can pick and choose the outings that are the best fit for your family’s abilities and interests.

When: Saturdays June to September, 1:00 pm

Cost: $44


Brave The Caves

Kids will love this guided discovery tour of Greig’s Caves, complete with discussions of the Ice Age and cool geology. With some steep descents and uneven terrain, this might not be suited for really young kids, but sure-footed school-age youngsters with good footwear should be fine. It all begins on a winding trail that leads to the 7000-year-old limestone caves, passing through a beautiful cliff-edge forest. Then you get to explore the caves – it’s up to you how deep you go!

When: Wednesdays at 9:00 am, June 19th to September 18th 

Cost: $44


Don’t know about you, but we are more than excited to get active, get educated and get immersed in some beautiful wilderness. And remember, the cost for these adventures support conservation and restoration activities on the Bruce by the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association, so wins all around!

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