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Jan Scott Food Editor at SavvyMom

Jan Scott is a well-known Canadian cookbook author, food writer, and the creator of Family Bites, a popular blog devoted to family-focused recipes and easy-to-execute entertaining and party ideas. She’s been the food editor for SavvyMom.ca since 2011, and has had essays and articles published in a variety of print and online publications. Prior to making the transition to food writing, she worked for a private catering company for eight years. Her first book, Gatherings: Bringing People Together with Food was shortlisted for the 2015 Taste Canada Food Writing Awards in the Best General Cookbook category. Jan lives in Toronto, with her husband and their three sons.

How to Prep for Thanksgiving Dinner in Advance - SavvyMom

8 Things You Can Do to Prep for Thanksgiving Now

By Jan Scott / October 1, 2023

If you’re hosting the big family dinner this year, here’s what to do to prep for Thanksgiving now.

Breakfast Bannock Recipe - SavvyMom

Breakfast Bannock

By Jan Scott / September 26, 2023

Cooked over a campfire or sizzling in a frying pan, this delicious and easy breakfast Bannock recipe can accompany any meal.

Apple sauce reipe

Easy Homemade Applesauce

By Jan Scott / September 20, 2023

Once autumn rolls around, I love to spend some time in the kitchen making this easy homemade applesauce for the cool months.

Apple Pie on a Stick Recipe - SavvyMom

Apple Pie on a Stick

By Jan Scott / September 17, 2023

Apple pie pops? Yes! Food seems to taste much better on a stick, and this recipe for apple pie on a stick does not disappoint.

4 Easy Alternatives to French Fries - SavvyMom

4 Easy-to-Make Alternatives to French Fries

By Jan Scott / September 17, 2023

These 4 easy alternatives to French Fries just might make your kids forget about fries altogether, and now you have a few new veggie-based side dishes to try.

Best Apples for Baking - SavvyMom

Which Are the Best Apples for Baking?

By Jan Scott / September 7, 2023

Not all apples are good for every type of cooking. Here’s a guide outlining the more common apple varieties and the best apples for baking.

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe - SavvyMom

Yummy and Easy Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latté Recipe

By Jan Scott / September 6, 2023

Show off your barista skills and impress your guests with your own homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte. This recipe will spoil you for the rest.

Busy Morning Breakfast Plan - SavvyMom

Making Breakfast Is as Easy as…A, B, C!

By Jan Scott / September 6, 2023

Both of these things are true: Weekday mornings are never easy and breakfast is important. Our 5-day plan for making breakfast will help you get it in gear.

14 Creative Things to Do with Apples - SavvyMom

14 Creative Things to Do with Apples

By Jan Scott / September 2, 2023

It’s apple season and we have 14 things to do with apples since you’ve probably picked waaaaayyyyyy too many.

Lunch Box Notes That Will Make Your Little Student’s Day

By Jan Scott / September 2, 2023

A story of an inspiring 100-letter project, plus ideas and printables for writing your own loving lunch box notes.