The 10 Forms Your Pregnant Body Takes

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is one heck of a roller-coaster with huge ups and downs throughout the journey—from the onset of morning sickness to the “I’ll do anything to get this over with” phase. The physical changes are absolutely insane and recognizing your own body can be a day-to-day challenge with your shape and form constantly changing.

While every pregnancy has its own timeline, these are the forms we figure every woman’s body goes through at some point during her pregnancy.

1. The wee bit of extra weight. People who know you will just think it’s the holidays. Strangers will think it’s just the kids you already have. Either way, it’s not super flattering. But it’s happening.

2. The muffin top. Things will actually start to grow, but most of the bump will remain hidden in your pants while all your other stuff will bust over the top of your jeans in true muffin-top style. So fun.

3. The butt expansion. Your hips begin to widen and while your jeans still fit in the waist, squeezing your newly voluptuous butt in might prove a challenge. Best of luck to you.

4. The is she or isn’t she. If you haven’t told people yet, they may begin to wonder as the bump becomes more, well, bumpy.  Strangers may still just chalk it up to your other kids.

5. The washboard stomach. This isn’t as glorious as it sounds, unfortunately. Now your ribs and hips have become an all-in-one and there is no definable waist remaining.

6. The ‘Bump, there it is!’ The bump is finally undeniable and as your womb relaxes forward and outward, some of your insides are able to relax back down as well, giving your ribs a temporary break.  And if you’ve been holding out, it’s probably about time you have to dig out those maternity clothes you’ve been avoiding like the plague.

7. The belly expansion. Things just keeping going outwards and upwards and your insides find nooks and crannies in your torso that you never knew existed.

8. The fruit bowl. At some point, your stomach will resemble a large fruit of some kind, usually a watermelon (which some nosy lady at the grocery store will be sure to point out).

9. The bowling ball. Every mom who has made it near term will know the feeling, as baby nestles down deep in your nethers, getting comfy-cozy for delivery. You’ll feel so much pressure down there you’ll swear the baby is going to fall right out of you at any second. (Trust me, it won’t…but you’ll secretly wish it would!)

10. The waddle. It’s unfortunate, but every term pregnancy (or multiples) will reach this point eventually. The added girth, weight and exhaustion in addition to that bowling ball in your lady parts feeling make it impossible to walk normal. But the good news is: you’ve made it, you’re almost there!

The next stop is holding your baby. And all you’ll be left with is a belly full of jelly—but an awesomely full heart, of course.


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