10 Great Experiences Kids Will Love Getting as Gifts

Experience Gifts

Christmas in my family is a time of cozying up with warm drinks and savoury meals, spending time giving and volunteering in our community, and enjoying annual family traditions, like decorating our tree. And this year, Christmas is also going to be a time to give experiences to our children. There are plenty of things that kids can receive in lieu of a tangible gift, but here are ten we know kids will love.

1. Swimming Lessons

Learning how to swim is an important life skill, and swimming lessons are some of the most affordable extracurricular activities available to kids. Give the gift of swimming as a present, and offer a fun weekend or afterschool activity to keep kids active over the winter months. Plus, most kids LOVE swimming, right?

2. Tickets to a Live Performance

There are plenty of live performances available for all ages and at different price ranges. You might purchase tickets for your whole family, or for one child and one parent, to a community theatre production, a musical, a dance performance, or a live performance by a favourite character or band.

3. Weekend Getaway

Most kids love the chance to enjoy a weekend getaway with their family, so why not use the money normally spent on gifts to fund a weekend away as a family? Our family went to Great Wolf Lodge this November, a gift I have opted for in lieu of birthday presents. There are plenty of other waterparks or family-friendly getaways that families can enjoy.

4. Music Lessons

Try giving the gift of music…lessons! If your child is begging to learn to play the guitar, drums, or piano, consider buying them a set of lessons. You may also choose to rent them the instrument for the duration of the lessons instead of buying the instrument.

5. Pottery Painting Gift Card

There are plenty of paint-your-own pottery companies around, and spending the afternoon at a pottery studio painting is a fun and relaxing adventure for crafty kids. A gift card to a nearby pottery studio is perfect for the artsy kid in your family.

6. Kids’ Spa Day

Some kids would love the opportunity to be pampered at a kid-friendly spa, and spas that cater to younger kids are popping up throughout Canada. Consider a manicure and pedicure gift certificate.

7. Movie Theatre Tickets

Costco sells movie theatre ticket bundles at a discounted rate, and a trip to the movies is a perfect way to spend a cold wintery day. Give the gift of the silver screen to your little movie buff.

8. Hockey Game Tickets

Many kids would love the opportunity to see a hockey game live, but the price point may be out of reach for families. Using the funds reserved for Christmas gifts might turn the dream into reality for many families – and offer a memory that never fades for hockey fans!

9. Local Attraction Membership

Our family loves purchasing local attraction memberships, and each year we get a Butterfly Conservatory Family Membership and a Regional Museum Membership. Gifting a nearby attraction that you could visit regularly and offers a membership is a great way to offer an ongoing experience.

10. Bowling Passes

The 90s are on-trend, and what’s more 90s than spending your Friday night bowling? A family pass to bowling is a fun and active gift to give. Consider including a 90s-style thrifted shirt with the gift to make it truly vintage.

What are some experience-based gifts that your kids would love?




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  1. sophie on December 10, 2018 at 9:44 am

    Yes to all! And for the hockey game it does not have to be hockey but could be any live sport. Go to museums, live shows as much as you can with your kids, that really makes a difference. That expends their minds.

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