4 Clever Ways to Package Holiday Cookies

Ideas to Package Holiday Cookies for Gifts - SavvyMom

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and I can’t imagine a gift more beloved than a platter of holiday cookies. From experienced cooks to novice bakers, almost everyone has a cookie they love to make or eat this time of year (even if it’s something that comes from the store). The secret to gifting a batch of baked or bought holiday cookies lies in the pretty presentation.

Here are 4 clever ways to package your holiday cookies this season…

Holiday Cookies on a Platter

1. Use a Holiday-Themed Plate or Platter

It’s nice to amass a small collection of holiday-themed plates and platters to use during the holidays, but sometimes you don’t necessarily feel like investing in those once-a-year pieces for yourself. Which is why I started buying inexpensive pieces and filling them with homemade and store-bought holiday cookies and giving both as a holiday gift. I like the idea of gifting friends a ceramic piece they’ll use for years to come, while enjoying the cookies now.

These plates and platters can be picked up in bulk when you spot them on sale, or you can even grab them for just a few dollars – barely more than the cost of a large cookie tin – at thrift stores (like the one in the photo above). The dollar store is also great for this. To complete the package, wrap the platter with clear cello wrap and tie with ribbon. Don’t forget to include a notecard naming the cookies.

2. Use Cardboard Tubes

Wrap a paper towel tube, or heavy-duty mailing tubes purchased from the post office, in holiday gift wrap or adhesive patterned paper and set aside. Make or purchase holiday cookies that are the same diameter as the tube, stack and wrap in tissue paper, taping where the paper meets. Twist the ends of the paper closed so it resembles a candy wrapper, then slide it into the tube.

3. Use Clear Cellophane & Ribbon

Wrap neat rows of cookies in cellophane and tie the ends with colourful ribbon. For holiday cookies that aren’t uniform shapes, lay them on a colourful paper plate, then wrap the entire thing with clear cellophane and ribbon.

4. Use Clear Jars

Show off your beautiful holiday cookies by stacking them in a clear glass jar. Top with a chocolate truffle, and slip a piece of fabric or patterned paper between the lid and the ring if you are using a mason jar-style container before tying with ribbon. Alternatively, wrap the lid in wrapping paper and tie a festive bow around the body of the jar.


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  1. Winnie Yee on December 15, 2020 at 7:52 pm

    Use of cellophane is not environmentally friendly as most people will just toss in the garbage. Please think of other ways without single use plastic

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