The List: 49 Things We Can’t Live Without


You know you’re a mom when you find yourself getting excited about the perfect kitchen stool. Whether they live in the kitchen, the bathroom, or your purse, we all have our favourite items that help us through our daily lives.
Here are SavvyMom’s top 49 items—contributed by our very own SavvyMom team members—of the Things We Can’t Live Without.

Topping the list is the everyday egg timer. Somewhere, actual cooks use the Tik Tok Timer for its intended purpose, but parents like our special projects manager Christin (and those used to sibling rivalry) know it’s the cure-all for keeping things fair, and for literally giving them ‘just five more minutes’. Ding!
Swoop Bag
If you’ve ever accidentally stepped on a piece of LEGO, Thomas or Barbie paraphernalia in your bare feet, you’ll remember how your kids learned certain words they shouldn’t. Our social media strategist Jill suggests Swoop Bags to smartly stop the mess—and the swearing.

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