5 Fundraising Tips to Help Your Child Raise Money Faster

Fundraising Tips

If you’re a parent you’re likely going to have to participate in fundraising—either for school or extracurricular activities. It just seems to come with the territory.

The downside of fundraising is it can take up time and energy, but the good side is, it can relieve some of the financial pressures from costs of activities. And, let’s face it, these things can really start to add up. Luckily, there are some simple tips that you can use to help you achieve your fundraising goals a little faster.

1. Have your child participate in setting a goal for their campaign

Having a goal in mind can help everyone understand what the ‘end’ is going to look like and what the family is working towards. It’s important that kids understand this number, too.

This is a good time to check in and see if there are any incentives being offered by your school/program if certain fundraising targets are achieved. Discuss them with your child and see if they’re interested in trying to work towards any of them. If they are, you can use that number as your goal.

Once you have set your goal, consider creating a simple chart to track your progress on. Post it somewhere visible so your child can ‘see’ how they are progressing and how much they have left to complete. This will also help you, the parent, stay on top of your timeline.

2. Make social media your BFF

Take a few minutes to write a post on your Facebook profile or your most active social media platform. It’s a great way to connect with a large group of people in a relatively short period of time.

Be sure to include a photo of your child in their uniform, jersey, or with the product they are selling. Generally speaking, people enjoy supporting children, so show off those adorable faces!

In your post, you should also explain what they are fundraising for and, why. If there’s anything else that you think is noteworthy, include that as well. An example might be that your family is matching contributions, your child will personally deliver purchased goods, or you are raising funds for a charity that is close to your heart. This is the kind of information that might move someone from ‘not interested’ to ‘inspired to help’.

A quick word of caution here – be careful not to be that annoying person that overdoes it with too many posts. One post is probably enough but, you can probably get away with a ‘last call’ post or a ‘we’re almost at our goal’ post if you really need it.

3. Get out and start selling as soon as possible

You are likely not the only ones out there selling your products and/or vying for someone’s recyclables.  The sooner you get out there, the more likely you will have first dibs.

4. Make sure your child is visibly representing their club, school, etc.

People are more likely to support you if your child’s look supports what they are saying. Make sure they are wearing their uniform, team jerseys or other branded apparel. Not only will it help earn a stranger’s trust, but they might also find your little athlete, or Girl Guide too irresistible to say no to!

5. Thank your donors

Thanking the people who support your child can easily be done at the time of the transaction, by sending a personal email, or by sending a good old-fashioned thank you note.

Not only is being gracious the ‘right’ thing to do, but your supporters will be more likely to help on your next fundraising initiative (because there will be many more) if they feel appreciated.

Despite the fact that fundraising can feel like a bit of a chore, it can be an opportunity to teach a great lesson to our kids in goal setting and responsibility. It can also save us, as parents, lots of money – and who doesn’t want to do that?



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