5 Things Effortlessly Stylish Moms Do Differently

5 Things Effortlessly Stylish Moms Do Differently

As a mom, you are constantly on the go. Pick up, drop off, groceries, soccer practice, play dates, whatever the case may be—you barely have enough time to sit down let alone to pick the perfect outfit. But oh do we wish that we did. Look no further, because we have the solution. Here are five fashion tips that all busy moms should know about.

1. Simplify your style with a style uniform. These are those easy to wear, mix and match pieces that take the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning. Think about your favourite go-to outfit. Now imagine a closet full of nothing but outfits like this. Simplifying your style or colour palette means you can easily narrow down what you are looking for every time you shop or go to grab something in your closet. For example, black has always been and always will be my go-to colour. If I were to create a uniform for myself I would make everything in my closet a selection of various black styles and silhouettes. This would make it easier to rotate new and old pieces to keep things fresh.

2. Choose the proper foundation garments. Post pregnancy, your body goes through so many changes that selecting the perfect fit becomes more important and any great look starts with your bra and underwear. Take the time to go to a store that specializes in undergarments and let them do a proper fitting. Invest in the perfect tee-shirt bra and sports bra and care for them properly. Great style starts with great fit, and great fit starts with great-fitting underwear—so take care of your undergarments, and they will take care of you.

3. Invest in key fashion pieces that fit your body. Every fashionable mom knows that there are certain wardrobe essentials that are good to have on hand that fit your body perfectly. So no matter how much you might love a pair of jeans, if they don’t fit, let them go. Key wardrobe staples to have in your closet include:

  • A blazer: Whether it’s black, navy or charcoal grey, select a well-constructed and nicely-fitted blazer to anchor your look.  If you’re looking for that one investment piece that you can spend a bit more of your budget on, this is it.  Owning a good blazer can instantly elevate your look.  Worn with a t-shirt and jeans, over a dress or with a long tunic and leggings, a classic blazer is très chic.
  • Jeans and a jean shirt:A skinny or straight leg jean with some stretch is an absolute wardrobe essential. I would suggest both in black and a dark blue. They are both classic that can be easily mixed and matched and worn throughout the year. Denim shirts have made a real comeback–and I am by no means suggesting you wear the two together–but a dark denim shirt is a super stylish alternative to a regular button down blouse. Done up with a necklace, worn open as a jacket with a printed tee underneath, layered over a dress or under a dress for that matter–there are so many uses for a denim top piece.
  • Basic tees and tanks: Owning a couple thick and loose fitting black and white tees is a must. Worn on their own or layered under a jacket, blouse or cardigan they will be your morning go-tos. For the tanks, think about a thick strap and fabric version.  Something that you can wear under a sheer top or tee but that can also act as a slimming tank.

  • Footwear: My favourite is the ballet flat. You’re a mom on the go, so you need to take care of your feet. The flat is a timeless staple shoe that is comfortable, durable, fashionable and versatile. Select a neutral colour like black, pewter or grey.

4. Ditch the diaper bag. There is a growing trend of neutral and stylish diaper bags, but I say (and stylish moms agree) …ditch the diaper bag! Instead, opt for a super stylish oversized tote. Toss your diapers, wipes and anything else you need for your baby into a tote mixed with your own wallet and lip gloss and you are instantly supermom.

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  • 5. Don’t be a slave to trends. Truly stylish people may take inspiration from what they see in a magazine or on Instagram, but ultimately they craft a look that is all their own. If the trend does not fit their ‘uniform’ then they don’t do it. The key is to always stay true to your personal style. Have a closet full of stylish classic pieces that always flatter and can be mixed and matched. If you decide to add in a trendier piece make it something fun: a top, accessory, cardigan or interesting pant and make sure it works with something that you already own.

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