A Proper Bra Fitting Changed My Life

A Proper Bra Fitting Changed My Life - SavvyMom

After having babies and breastfeeding we all feel like our ‘ladies’ need more support than usual. They may not be as, uh, perky as we want them to be, but we can and should be proud of what they can do—feeding a wee human is pretty amazing! BUT. Truth be told, spending $$ on something pretty once we move past this stage isn’t really a priority. Plus, I never thought a pretty bra could offer support and be comfortable. So I was pretty surprised recently when I had a chance to try on several different styles and get a proper bra fitting.

Oh…my…wow. What a game changer!

A good fitting bra is not only worthwhile for proper support but can also boost your confidence and self-esteem. It definitely shouldn’t be an afterthought.

So, is it time to upgrade your “mom bra?”

A resounding YES.

Finding a bra that fits you right can be challenging. You can, and you should, try on several. It’s always good to ask for help whether it be at a specialty store or lingerie department. Note that proper staff are trained by various companies on how to measure and help find the right fit for your shape and size.

It’s good to replace all your bras at least once a year and also have an expert check if your size has changed at all.

YEP. EACH. YEAR. Our bodies can change a lot in a year!

So, how do the experts determine your size? I discovered recently when being fitted by an expert with French lingerie brand Simone Perele that there are a few easy steps to determining the right fit:

Steps for A Proper Bra Fitting…

When fastening your bra, hook it either to the middle or largest hooks. Why? Because if your size even slightly fluctuates, it’s easier to go one clasp smaller if needed. You’ll have some wiggle room.

The middle fabric that is between your breasts is called the “centre gore” and it should sit flat on your skin. No gaping! This helps give the proper lift.

When adjusting your straps, don’t worry if they aren’t the same length—concentrate on achieving a balanced look. Each one is adjustable according to each breast size. And by the way, we all have one side that’s bigger than the other, regardless if whether you’ve breastfed or not. Our left breast is generally larger because of our heart!

Adjust each breast into the cup of the bra by leaning forward and pushing the sides of your breasts in from your armpit areas. This helps fill the cups properly and you can see if the size is appropriate. Too much fabric won’t give you proper support and will look bunched.

You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably flat between the band of the bra (where the clasp is) and your skin.
Also, don’t get so fixated on the size on the label. Pay more attention to the fit. Each style and brand can vary slightly.
If you have problems with the straps slipping off your shoulders, look for a U-back bra where the fabric on the back, when clasped together, forms a slight U shape.

Finally, don’t be afraid to wear something pretty during the day. This particular line is known for listening to all women’s wants and needs, so even the laciest bra offers not only a sense of beauty but also great support and comfort for most sizes. I fell in love with the fit and style of the Delice Demi Cup bra and the Amour 3D Spacer Bra—apparently the most popular style that sells one every minute globally.

They’ve also been at the forefront of design and creating the most flattering styles through expert seams and fabrics. In fact, in the 1950s, they were the first to create the popular darts that gave fuller breasts a rounder appearance and better support. They also invented spacers that gave breasts more shape and definition. The line was named after the original French designer and creator Simone Perele and, three generations later, the family still runs the business based in France but can be found in many retailers and specialty shops.


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