5 Ways to Serve Cucumber Cups This Summer

Jan Scott April 26, 2016
Pile of Cucumbers

Here’s a surprising revelation…entertaining at home needn’t be complicated!

This summer, whether you’re hosting a shower, family barbecue, backyard bash or lunch for a group of eight year olds, cucumber cups are a quick and easy vessel to use for an array of tasty bite-sized foods.

To make, simply wash your cuke well and cut it into two-inch thick chunks. Hollow out the centre with a small spoon or melon baller and fill it with your favourite fillings. Here is a list of how I like to serve these cups:

  • Fill with tuna or egg salad’€”this makes a great alternative to a sandwich for the kids.
  • Fill with plain or roasted red pepper hummus and top with a piece of basil. For an extra special presentation, use a star tip and pipe the dip into the cucumber cup.
  • Fill with tomato or corn salsa and a dollop of sour cream.
  • Hollow out 4-inch long chunks of cucumber and fill with gazpacho or a nice chilled soup.
  • Combine cooked and chopped shrimp, lemon, garlic and parsley for a shrimp scampi-esque filling that you can stuff into cucumber cups.

What is your go-to secret for simple, easy entertaining?

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