The 50 Best Holiday Recipes, Crafts & Activities

SavvyMom November 28, 2016

This holiday season we’re grateful for all of the amazing bloggers we work with on a daily basis who provide us with content that’s sometimes funny, sometimes touching and always helpful.

So in the true spirit of the holidays, we’re sharing the collective genius of these helpful crafters, bakers and supermoms with 50 of the Best Holiday Recipes, Crafts and Activities for Kids, right from the blogs.

Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies
Classic sugar cookies plus a fairly easy method of decorating your favourite snowman—the hardest part of this yummy recipe will be watching the kids scarf down your perfected Frosty design. (Get Cookin’)


Holiday Elves 
We can’t get enough of this super cute craft for you and the little ones to make. Just when you thought you couldn’t have anymore fun than decorating them, these elves turn into the stars of the Christmas puppet show. (Get Craftin’)


Double Gingerbread Cupcakes 
The cream cheese frosting on these cute little cakes makes for a spicy and sweet treat the whole family will love. These cupcakes have been known to convert even the pickiest of eaters into gingerbread lovers!  (Get Cookin’)


Looking for more fun and festive crafts and recipes to make with the kids? Check out the rest of our 50 Best Holiday Recipes, Crafts and Activities for Kids. Then you can make, bake, shoot, share, pin or tweet to your heart’s content. Just enjoy.



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