8 Great Toboggan Hills in Calgary

SavvyMom.ca December 30, 2021
Toboggan Hills in Calgary - SavvyMom

Think you can grab your sled and barrel down just any hill? Think again. Sledding is serious stuff in Calgary, with bylaws cracking down on rogue riders. Fortunately there are several designated spots across the city that are considered official toboggan hills in Calgary. Here’s a look at a few of our favourites in each corner of the city.

Our Favourite Toboggan Hills in Calgary

St. Andrew’s Heights

Some reckon this is the very best of the toboggan hills in all of Calgary. There’s one long, steep hill that adventure seekers make a beeline for. It’s got a long, flat bit at the bottom (and a fence), so you don’t have to worry about hitting the road. For wee winter warriors, there’s a smaller slope near the Community Centre that’s likely just their speed. Find more info here.

Confederation Park

Pegged as the premier hill, Confederation Park boasts varied terrain with a few different hills to slide down on. With its cute little bridges crossing the creek and large, mature trees, this super pretty spot is tops for family photos, too. Load up with all your gear because this park also has an outdoor ice rink and clear pathways for long walks and runs. Find more info here.

Signal Hill

Super popular in the southwest, Signal Hill is located in a residential area, flanked by so many houses you can feel pretty safe about letting big kids loose here on their own. The hill itself isn’t overly steep, but it does the trick nicely and there’s a long, flat stretch at the bottom, so sledders come to a comfortable stop. Find more info here.

Stanley Park

Conveniently located near Macleod Trail, Stanley Park is one of our personal faves. The hill is steep in the centre, but is also pretty wide, allowing littles to pick just the right pitch. At the bottom of the hill is an excellent piece of large playground equipment that sees plenty of action in winter, too. This park also sports one of the city’s prettiest outdoor ice rinks and there are curling rocks and complimentary hockey sticks if you’re looking for a change of pace. Find out more here.

Prairie Winds

You’ll find huge variety at Prairie Winds Park, situated in Calgary’s northeast quadrant. It’s quite a rush zipping down the long, steep slope as planes whiz past overhead to and from the airport. While the main draw is its large hill, there are smaller slopes off on the side for younger tots. More info here.

McKenzie Town

This suburb is chock-a-block with young families, so it makes sense you’d find a happening hill in this hood. At almost 300 feet, Elgin Hill is super long, but that only makes your experience here more exciting. Check out this link for more info.

Big Marlborough Park

Flanked by the Community Centre and three schools, you know this hill sees a lot of action after class. Head here before the bell with wee ones or take the troops on the weekend when the fire pits are going along the outdoor ice rink. Speaking of the ice rink, expect to get some mileage on it if your run is really spectacular. Here’s where you’ll find more info.

Canmore Nordic Centre

Yes, it’s outside the city, but this purpose-built toboggan hill boasts plenty of lanes, some bumps for speed demons, and gentle slopes for the young โ€˜ens. Make a day out of it with a spot a spot of winter disk golf or gliding across their famed cross country ski trails. There’s also a cafe onsite and a small outdoor skating rink. More info here.

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