Affordable Art for the Kids’ Room


Life moves pretty fast in the decor world, almost as fast as the time it takes for your infant to grow into a toddler, then a school-ager (and so on). One way to keep up with the pace is to update the artwork in their rooms—but in a relatively inexpensive and painless way. We know that finding art that pleases both your eye and theirs is a tall order, but these 11 Affordable Design Picks for the Kids’ Room are unique, modern and stylishly kid-friendly. Mission accomplished. 

One elephant came out to play

One Elephant Came Out to Play
This Mimi’lou wall decal of a grey elephant and a little blue mouse goes perfectly with light walls and makes a nice friend for any animal lover. (Love It!)

Rock On

Rock On 
This fresh and modern print of everyone’s favourite six-string will have your little musicians crooning in their sleep. (Love It!)

We’ve got more cool ways to jazz up their walls, just check out our 11 Affordable Design Picks for the Kids’ Room


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