Best Consignment Stores for Babies & Kids in Ottawa

Ottawa Consignment Stores

A lot of kids have a mountain of cute little outfits by the time they’re a year old. Often between baby showers, newborn gifts and holidays that happen within the first year of having a baby, our new bundle of joy has a closet that rivals any New York City runway model. And while we try to snap a photo of baby in each little outfit, or because the cute pumpkin onesie can only be worn in the fall, they end up outgrowing their clothing rather quickly.

The same goes for our toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged kids and even teens who go in and out of fashion trends. Add that to the pile of stuff we gather (toys, books, games) and we may feel overwhelmed by the number of children’s items hanging around the house.

Luckily, there is a way to purge our closets and make a little cash on the side, while also restocking our growing children’s wardrobe. Consignment stores and sales in the Ottawa area help us to not only turn in our baby equipment and items to make a little extra money, but they can also help us save money on the next set of items we need for our kids.

Tip: Consignment stores are wonderful places to stock up on new-to-you children’s books. There are often full series of popular books available!

Here are a few of our favourite spots where you can consign or shop second-hand in the Ottawa area.

Boomerang Kids

With multiple stores located across the city, Boomerang Kids has second-hand clothing for your kids, plus they also have maternity clothes for expectant parents. Boomerang also has a wide variety of new products including rain gear, winter gear, toys, and new baby items. We love that there are locations in Kanata, Barrhaven, Gatineau, Orleans, Old Ottawa South, and Westboro for families to conveniently shop and find the items they need.

Keep an eye out on your local Boomerang Kids Facebook page for events hosted at the Boomerang Kids locations as well. They have new events throughout the year.

Once Upon a Child

Located in Orleans, Once Upon a Child provides quality second-hand clothing and equipment with a twist on how they accept their consignment clothing. Instead of earning a percentage of a sale you’ll be paid out a lump sum on the spot. No appointment is necessary. We love how Once Upon a Child has items for older children, as well as little babies. The racks are lined with name brands you love and trust, as well as stylish and cute outfits the kids will be thrilled to wear.

My Sister’s Closet

If you’re looking for gently used clothing for the kids and for moms, My Sister’s Closet in Kanata is just what you may need. This is Kanata’s only place where consignment women’s clothing and children’s clothing and accessories are sold. Located on March Road, you can shop for name-brand items for the season or clear out your own closets and see what pieces they are currently accepting for consignment. We love the thought of being able to do one-stop shopping for us and the kids!

Plato’s Closet

Your teen will be thrilled to know they can find high quality and stylish second-hand clothing at Plato’s Closet in Barrhaven. Check out their style blog for fashion inspiration, and encourage your teen to rummage through their own closet to discover pieces they no longer love that they can sell to Plator’s Closet – they’ll purchase items you bring in on the spot, with no appointment necessary.

Remember to consider the Health Canada safety regulations (they have a handy guide on their website!) when buying second-hand, but for so many items, why buy new when you can save money and buy new-to-you?





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