Best Food Trucks in Ottawa

food trucks Ottawa

This summer, we’re excited to celebrate with international flair when the city’s food trucks hit the streets again. Whether they’re at the same location every day or popping up at events and festivals, you’ll want to make plans to take a bite out of the food truck scene in Ottawa. Here are some of our favourite food trucks in Ottawa.


Nacho Cartel

If you’re on the east side of downtown head over to Wilbrod Street near King Edward for the fabulous food at Nacho Cartel. Order up some beef nachos for the kids, and treat them to a freshly made milkshake. Meanwhile, pick up a steak taco and a shrimp taco for yourself (both are fantastic, and it’s just too hard to decide). There’s a sweet little picnic area next to the truck that’s perfect for savouring a relaxing meal.


Ottawa Streat Gourmet specializes in fresh, local dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious. This year, they’ve partnered with the local restaurant the Pelican Grill to serve up even more delicious lunches. They’re going to be parked at Queen and O’Connor in the heart of downtown Ottawa.


Stella Luna Pushcart

Being a tourist in your own city on a hot day? Cool off with freshly made gelato from Stella Luna, now available from their classic pushcart. We can’t wait to try their latest flavours, but for kids with a real sweet tooth, we recommend yummy coconut or dulce de leche.



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The Merry Dairy moves around, but it’s worth checking their schedule to try to track them down (tip: they stick mostly to the Westboro/Tunney’s Pasture area in the summer). Their frozen custard is a unique, flavourful frozen treat, and kids just love dressing it up with a variety of sprinkles and toppings. There are also classic floats, merry pops made from fresh fruit, and homemade ice cream sandwiches. Don’t bother trying to choose, just get them all!


The well-known café goes mobile with their LUNCH trucks in various locations across the city. Grab a roast beef sandwich (packed in a compostable cardboard container), some freshly made cookies and a LUNCH box (featuring cheese and fruit), and plan a special outdoor picnic.


Located in the heart of downtown (on Bank Street, between Albert and Slater), Raon Kitchen is a hot spot for weekday lunches. Avoid the lines by hitting the cart on off-hours; it’ll be worth it. Their ‘bap,’ a Korean dish featuring a mix of warm rice, veggies and meat or tofu, is just the kind of exotic delight that will turn a day of sightseeing in Ottawa into something special.


Never heard of a churro? You won’t ever forget the name after trying one of these sweet, fried Mexican delights from Mr. Churritos. One of the few carts that plans to stay open year-round, you can pick up some churros and a hot chocolate chaser. Visit their Facebook page to find out where they’ll be next!


We can never have too many donuts, and the mini donuts offered by the Doughnut Rain on My Parade truck are freshly made and a delight. Try their plain or sugar-coated donuts or one of their more adventurous flavours. You’ll have a hard time deciding!


Located in Ottawa’s East End (on Youville Drive), La Ha Tacos will have everyone talking. The freshly made bites with authentic Mexican flavours can be paired with a delicious soda. Look for the large orange truck!



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