Birthday Party Magic Poké-Trainer Parties

Birthday Party Magic Poké-Trainer Parties

Whenever our brains turn to birthday party planning for our little ones, the question is always the same: how to keep them busy. What will hold the attention of a crowd of four-year-olds for longer than 10 minutes? What are nine-year-olds into these days? That’s why we turn to companies like in Ottawa to keep the kiddos entertained, so we just have to be ready with the red-coloured juice and tasty cupcakes for party goers.

With, we can book a superhero, magician or balloon-animal maker. There are giant games and bouncy castles for rent—but our guess is that kids will be especially excited to hear that offers Poké-Training birthday parties.

That’s right, your child and their friends can become Poké-trainers. (For the uninitiated, a Pokémon Trainer is a person who ‘catches, occasionally names, and trains several different kinds and types of Pokémon’.) The fun-filled, hour-long party is led by an instructor who will come to your party place and enthusiastically instruct the kids through a series of activities, party games and interactive Poké-fun. Then, once armed with their new skills, kids will participate in a live action version of the game including catching the characters, and battling one-on-one in a tournament. Not to worry, foam balls and Velcro vests are used for the action. At the end, each guest will receive their certificate as a Poké-Trainer.

Kids will be thrilled to know that a special guest can also be booked as part of the deluxe party edition and a Poké-character (a yellow friend that the kids will recognize) will attend the party and pose for pictures.

We love the uniqueness of these parties and we think your kids will love them too.  Who else can say that they are certified Poké-trainers? has thought about the small details, like loot bags as well. You can order a loot bag for party attendees based on their age for an additional fee and take the stress out of that part of the planning too!

With all of these fun options, we won’t be surprised if your kids are saying ‘I choose…!’ for their next party.


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