Brain Gain: There’s an App for That


Part Boggle, part Tetris, wholly addictive, SpellTower has several modes that have you constantly searching for the right words. (Practising this may come in handy during your upcoming March Break visit with the in-laws.) ($1.99, Tell me more)

Simply Being
Simply Being
Finding a few minutes in your day (or at the end of it) to feel relaxed and centred should be doable, but if you need help, Simply Being offers 10, 15 and 20-minute voice-guided meditation sessions (with or without music and nature sounds) to get you in tune with your inner Zen—especially when things in your house are a little zany. ($0.99, Tell me more)

Art appreciation on an iPad? While touring the Museum of Modern Art (or the Louvre) and its original works of art in person can’t ever be replaced by a cyber experience, this app allows for lots of appealing bits of information on thousands of artistic exhibits. It also has handy information about the museum itself for your next in-person visit. (Free, Tell me more)

That’s not all. Tap into the rest of The Best Apps for Moms.


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