Bundle ‘Em Up


Dad always said ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’. If you (as we do) live by that mantra, you’ll want to check out our latest winter attire finds that solve a variety of mom’s winter weather dilemmas. We’re sure they’ll keep your little chickens roasting:

Less Stinky Long Underwear
Long a savvy fave for grown ups, the Icebreaker merino wool system of active wear has launched a new line just for kids. Merino wool is a natural performance fabric—it fights odor-causing bacteria (our savvy scout wore the line for a 6 month stint in Nepal and never washed it!), wicks away moisture and insulates in any weather. Available in size 1 – 8, the BodyFit layer goes next to the skin and the heavier Sport 320 on top. Great for skiing, under hockey equipment or just making snowmen.

imageFewer Hat Fights
It’s odd how some kids fight against wearing a hat no matter what the weather. But let them choose one of the many designs from Oddwear, a Canadian company specializing in fun hand-crocheted hats ($49.99), for themselves and your kid will surely find something to warm up to. From a frog to a walrus to a cool camo helmet, there’s something for everyone (adults too) and even better, special orders are encouraged—the sillier the better. (They’re worth every penny as you’re not likely to have to replace them like you do all the other hats that get lost—kids definitely hang on to these hats more carefully.)


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