Skin Gym: Skoah Westhills


Just as we sometimes plateau at the gym, our skincare regime also needs the occasional kickstart. To prepare our complexion for the harsh Calgary winter, we dashed over to Skoah Westhills, the latest skincare training centre to open in town.

Estheticians here are like personal trainers, who whip your skin into shape with personalized programs. Workouts begin with a discussion about complexion concerns, so your treatment is targeted for your skin type and issues.

Facials warm up with a robust head massage, followed by cleanse, tone and mask sets. Eyebrow tinting and waxing is also available.

Treatments are efficient, but luxurious. Depending on your concerns, you can be in and out within an hour. Fret not, you’ll still get a complete workout including a muscle melting massage, while your mask performs its magic.

Mamas-to-be will want to belly up for the Tummy Mummy facial, which includes a hydrating belly mask designed to soothe itchy, irritated baby bumps and prevent stretch marks. While facial and belly masks are working wonders, they’ll de-puff those swollen ankles and feet with a robust foot massage.

Now there’s no excuse to miss these monthly personal training sessions.

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