Sweet Holiday Solutions at Bliss & Co. Nut-Free Bakery


We’ve made our lists and checked them twice, but Santa knows that what we really need for Christmas is the gift of time. Fortunately, holiday wishes are granted at Bliss & Co. This beloved nut-free bakery helps busy families through the holidays by whipping up Christmassy confections.

Prance through any cookie exchange with a combo of five different kinds of Christmas cookies ($25 for a kilo), including iced sugar cookies, gingerbread and shortbread.

Stay at the top of Santa’s list with a one pound loaf of light rum cake, perfect for the neighbours, or even yourself! Ho Ho Holiday cupcakes come in four festive flavours and make any Christmas party that much sweeter.

Call three days in advance for large orders or pick up bits and bobs from their two retail locations. Really pressed for time? Delivery is $8 within the city center and $2 extra per kilometre outside of downtown.

With Santa’s little helper sorting out your baking, you can focus on more important holiday matters—like mastering mulled wine.

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