Choice Chocolate


Children like chocolate because it tastes good. Moms like chocolate because it’s full of antioxidants (just like broccoli).
Even though kids will eat any kind of chocolate, our palettes have refined with age (like fine wine), so with that in mind, we tested the wares of local chocolatiers (it’s a tough job, we know) to help you find chocolate delicious enough to give the Easter Bunny himself.

Choklat smells divine. This simple factory, bakery and shop all-in-one has a tasty menu with nine different chocolate bars (the best we have ever tasted), made-to-order truffles in several combinations (try the peanut butter cream dipped in dark chocolate then rolled in crushed brownies) and a few baked goods. Choklat also offers factory tours with tasting and wine pairing for $39.95. Book way in advance.


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