Good Golly


Top three activities to avoid doing with your children in tow:

  1. Shopping
  2. Shopping
  3. Shopping

Ok, so we know that it’s unavoidable at times. But, if shopping brings images of children playing hide-and-seek under clothes racks to mind, there is a better alternative for your zero to four year old darlings. Knock your shopping stress down a couple of notches and go online.

Golly Geez Baby was born in Calgary this summer by resourceful entrepreneur Melanie Hampson. An aspiring mother-to-be, Hampson recognizes the need for fun and functional products for families. Through online and ‘mom-to-mom’ market research, she has brought together an ever expanding product line focusing on funky, practical solutions to baby and toddler everyday challenges such as teething, diapering, sleeping and eating.

Check out the DadGear Diaper Vest suitable for those fathers who have not embraced the man purse (and we kind of hope they never do anyway). The kid-safe Totspot LED light is another cool new product on Golly Geez’ shelves.


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